Our Businesses

  • Coffee

    SLN Group offers the best range of coffee for its customers, to get the most delightful coffee experience.

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  • Coffee plantations

    SLN coffee plantation has been growing some of the finest Coorg coffee berries with a combination of advanced technology and wisdom used by plantation workers who has been with us for decades.

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  • Spices

    SLN offers handpicked & sun-dried high-quality black pepper cultivated in our own plantations.

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  • Hospitality

    SLN Group stretches its hands into the domain of hospitality too. Thinking about the best place to stay in Coorg? Head to Purple Palm resorts.

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  • Realtors

    SLN Properties and Developers have a stellar role in implementing the idea of gated community and offering turnkey infrastructure development services in Coorg.

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  • Education

    Located near the Golden Temple, NGIPS is spread on a magnificent 50 acre land. The entrancing beauty of the land is further enhanced with mango groves, well laid gardens, trimmed lawns and colourful flower beds.

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  • Timbers

    Though promoting environmental balance is one among our vision, we buy and sell legally logged trees under the banner of SLN Timbers

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  • Fuel Station

    SLN Group operates an Indian state-controlled fuel station where we store quality fuels allotted by Bharat Petroleum for the crowd travelling through Kushal Nagar.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

The basic philosophy of "Giving back to society" has helped to grow our organization through the years. Our objective is to contribute earnestly towards the development of the communities in which we function.

Our Vision

To bring up a nutrified and evenhanded social structure through
comprehensive growth.

The Spirit

The beaming spirit of SLN Group is like a perfect cup of coffee.
Fulfilling, hearty, crisp, wholesome and gratifying.

About us

Every tree has its own soul in its seed. The story of the SLN Group is a legacy of entrepreneurship that set forth 60 
years ago.  About six decades back, our grandfather Late Shri. SLN Sathappa Chettiar saw a dream of sowing a seed in the
fertile lands of Coorg. With expertise and experience in the field of coffee, the Company has been exporting to around 40 countries across the globe. 

Together as a corporate we are marching towards glory, fulfilling the dreams of our grandfather and exceeding the expectations of our esteemed clients across the globe.


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Who we are


Years in Coffee Business


Million Annual Turnover


Sure-Handed Employees


Clients across the Globe


The Managing Directors of SLN Coffee, Mr. Sathappan, and Mr. Vishwanathan believe that business should be as
exhilarating and gratifying as a cup of freshly brewed coffee.



Chairman & Managing Director


Managing Director

A journey through time

Evolving Since 1956

This is a history of a man who single-handedly harnessed his fortune, fighting against al odds
to build a business empire, with his determination, effort and strong will. This is the story of a seed
turned into a proud tree over the seasoning of years.

A journey through time

Awards & Certifications

We have taken every possible step to conform to the demanding international specifications set forth by global bodies such as the ISO and even the FDA. We follow GMP and ISO 22000 guidelines in the business of food product manufacturing and processing and our products are Kosher and Halal certified.

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