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About us

The story of the SLN Group is a legacy of entrepreneurship that set forth 60 years ago. SLN Group sprouted with the purchase of coffee plantation from the Rajah of Chettinad. In the year 1997; the group diversified into the trading of green coffee beans. Over the years SLN Coffee grew to be a formidable name in the space of green coffee trading and this division grew to be the mainstay of the group.


We focussed in investing in latest technology and machinery to improve curing facilities. Today we have a capacity of 50,000 MTs per annum and we supply to clients over 20+ countries. We have also received IPC Awards for the best pepper farmers for the year 2015 from International Pepper Community, Indonesia.

From the modest seed sown half a century back, SLN Group is now a deep-rooted tree branched out into different domains such as SLN Coffee, SLN properties and developers, SLN plantations, SLN timber etc.