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Beyond business

CSR Policy

SLN believes in the betterment of living conditions for the people around us and we take responsibility in doing so. We have no doubt in ensuring the eradication of adversities in the communities we function in order to create a better society. We wish to be known and respected as an organization which always uphold its commitment towards social, economic and environmental development.

We wish to be  known and respected as an organization that always upholds its commitment towards social, economic and environmental development


The intention of developing the government school began with a prime thought of emphasizing the importance of education in the rural areas.  Initiating developments through various constructions in the schools, borewell ensuring water supply throughout, providing essential sports requirements and also organizing training programmes for the teachers being the key initiatives. Important sanitation essentials like washing hands before mid-day meal distribution were highlighted.

Infrastructural development in the school including construction of toilets, installation of solar panels, donation of benches, fans, installation of water taps for drinking water, painting the school premises, providing utensils for mid-day meals, durries to sit on and providing books for the library in school resource center also took place. Sports kits including cricket, football, basketball, badminton and carom were also provided to the school for the children.

Therefore, our concern is to target the overall development of each student and the progress of the entire school.

Women empowerment

We always believe, consider and treat women to be equally potential as men. Hence, we support various projects designed for the education, employment and empowerment of women and youth around us.



Wastewater management: Wastewater is recycled and channeled to the teak plantations in our premises.Fuel from Plastic: We intend to undertake a waste separation, waste management unit and plan to conduct social awareness programs.